My current demo reel, showing some of my work on "Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas," some of my recent, personal work, and even a few examples of my student work at Animation Mentor.


  • All animation by W. Scott Simmons.
  • Models, rigging, lighting, and effects for the Ice Age shot were done by the many talented members of the crew who worked on that film.
  • In "Espresso," the sound clip was from "Young Frankenstein," and the genericMale rig is an in-house test rig from Reel FX.
  • In the student shots and in "Thinking," all character rigs (Stewie, Stella, Stan, Tailor, and Bishop) were provided by Animation Mentor, as were the furniture in "Thinking" and the sword in "Stewie vs. the Pendulum."
  • The tree branch in "Stewie vs. Tailer" and the pendulum and the arch supporting the pendulum in "Stewie vs. the Pendulum" were modeled by W. Scott Simmons using 3DS Max, as was the shield in the bored dragon animation.
  • The Niko rig and the Fantasy Horse rig in the horse and rider animation and the Zsar rig in the bored dragon animation are used under license from, and the hoofbeat sound effects were from the AudioMicro stock audio library.

Software: Maya